The City of the orchids has the third best climate in the world, cultural events of German traditions and a lot of history that is preserved in its mansions and public buildings. Marechal Floriano is part of the tourist circuit of the “Vale Verde” – Green Valley – where farms, ranches and other properties have the structure to host visitors, offer them tours around the region and take them to shops full of local products. The city also has the biggest zoo of the state of Espirito Santo and has in its calendar feasts that celebrate the local production and culture of the immigrants besides festivals and competitions that have to do with coffee, another typical product of the region.

How to get there

If you leave from Vitória, go to the center of the city and from there take the “Segunda Ponte” – Second Bridge and take the first exit on the right on the way to the city of Cariacica. Once in Cariacica go on for 42 km on the BR-262 Road. If you leave from the city of Serra, take the BR-101 Road (also known as “Rodovia do Contorno”) until Cariacica. Once in Cariacica, keep going on the BR-262 Road for 48 km until Marechal Floriano.